February 4, 2017

What is the most used word in the English language?  It is “time.”  St. Augustine said, “Everyone knows what time is until you asked them to define it.”  I think of time as the 4th dimension since it is what causes change to height, length and depth.  I love how time seems to stop when I am doing something creative.  I lose myself in thought only to find myself later on in a more real way.

Martin Luther the Reformer taught we should contemplate our physical death every day to keep things in perspective.  I like to think of the last day of my life as coming towards me instead of my thinking I am moving towards it, i.e. the future is moving towards the past.  This gives me a sense of calm to enjoy the here and now in a peaceful way, making the most of each day in a purposeful flow instead of an erratic busyness.  As John Wesley used to say, “Make haste, but never be in a hurry.”  My faith in an eternal, personal God allows me to experience eternity even while in a mortal frame.  To say I am blessed would be an understatement.